Email Notifications Overview

Important! When you create an SSL Hound account, you must verify the email address to receive email notifications. The email confirmation link is sent in the welcome email and can be re-sent as needed by visiting while signed in and following the email confirmation prompt.

SSL Hound uses email notifications to tell you about noteworthy events:

  • When a certificate has expired.
  • When a certificate expires the next days, in fewer than 7 days, in fewer than 30 days, or in fewer than 60 days.
  • When a certificate changes.
  • When there is a problem connected to the website and inspecting the certificate used.

SSL Hound makes every effort to send you as few emails as possible to keep notification blindness at bay. Although checks are run multiple times a day, consecutive duplicate notifications are not sent. Practically, when an event is created (like if a certificate expires in fewer than 7 days), if another event would be created of the same type as the previous event, it is instead skipped.

Additionally, even if multiple events are created for the same certificate, users will not receive more than one email per check per day. Because of this, we strongly recommend that users visit SSL Hound when they receive certificate check events to review the history for the monitored endpoint.

Email notifications are sent using Postmark from Although emails from SSL Hound are not usually categorized as spam, we do recommend adding the to your allow and safe senders lists.

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