SSL Hound has been providing simple and effective SSL certificates monitoring for over 4 years.

Ensuring your applications and services are using correctly configured certificates is more important than ever before. We help you tackle this effort by providing easy to use, effective, and sophisticated monitoring.

SSL Hound has a no-nonsense pricing model:

  • The core service, including notifications, is free to use with some service limitations for personal and not-for-profit use.
  • Professional and business users pay a modest annual fee.

See also: Pricing

Certificate Monitoring

SSL Hound monitors publicly exposed TLS endpoints. This includes any website that provides SSL connections.

Email Notifications

Email notifications give you the information that you need, when you need it.

See Also: Email Notifications Overview

Discovery And Inspection

Our proprietary tools and services enable inspection of your applications and services in a non-intrusive way. We can give you insights into how your certificates are used, installed, and configured.

Privacy First Design

Our collective privacy and rights are important.

  • We collect as little information about you as possible.
  • We do not engage in marketing and advertising, nor do we consider user data a product.
  • We do not use or contribute to data analytics services.

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