SSL Hound has been providing simple and effective SSL certificates monitoring for over 4 years.

Ensuring your applications and services are using correctly configured certificates is more important than ever before. We help you tackle this effort by providing easy to use, effective, and sophisticated monitoring.

Creating an account using using the service does not cost anything, but there are limits to the number of endpoints that can be monitored. Upgrading to a paid account increases those limits substantially. SSL Hound has a no-nonsense pricing model:

  • The core service, including notifications, is free to use with some service limitations for personal and not-for-profit use.
  • Professional and business users pay a modest annual fee.

Certificate Monitoring

SSL Hound does one thing: Certificate monitoring.

Making sure that your websites, services, and secured endpoints have a correctly configured endpoint that is following best practices is the service that we provide.

SSL Hound monitors publicly exposed TLS endpoints. This includes any website that provides SSL connections. We can give you insights into how your certificates are used, installed, and configured.

Our proprietary tools and services enable inspection of your applications and services in a non-intrusive way. This expands into discovery by providing information about additional endpoints to monitor.

Notifications And Integrations

Email notifications provide specific details when certificate events occur and can be muted at the account level, or for specific endpoints to reduce noise.

Integrations with the services and tools you use to get the right information to you, the way you use it.

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

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