SSL Hound Is For Mastodon Operators

SSL Hound regularly checks your mastodon instance for problems and then tells you about them.

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Don't let expired SSL certificates disrupt the network!

SSL Hound is a great tool in supporting the open web. It doesn't matter (except when it does) what type of community you build, when certificates expire or are misconfigured, it can be a huge disruption. SSL Hound can make sure that your mastodon instances are providing safe and secure connections to each other and the users who depend on them.

What Does SSL Hound Do For Your Mastodon Instance? It makes sure that everything is configured correctly and gives your users confidence that it is secure. Also, it gives you peace of mind that your instance is a good citizen of the federated server network.

What If I Use Let's Encrypt? That's great! Let's Encrypt has changed the web for the better. SSL Hound can help you make sure that your certificates are installed correctly and in the right places. When it comes time for those certificates to expire, it can help you make sure you didn't miss anything with certificate updates and replacements.

Knowing in advance when your certificates are going to expire and where they are used makes a huge difference:

My certificate expired today! Crap. AHHH everything looks broken! Who did I buy it from again? Did I install it in the right place? Why does this take soo long to update? AHH I missed the content subdomain. Did I get everything this time? SHOOT bots are reporting my instance as down. Wait, is the relay not forwarding messages?

That doesn't have to be and shouldn't be you. SSL Hound is your own SSL Certificate inventory. You can see what certificates are used, where they are used, and any issues with how they are installed. No guessing games, no 2nd-3rd-4th fixes.

Reliability Matters

You've spent a lot of time and money building a reputation. When your instance has SSL Certificate issues, that trust can deteriorate quickly.

How exactly would I use this? Using SSL Hound is a great, cheap way to get some reassurance that your instance handling secure connections correctly. All you need to do is sign up and enter all of the ways that people interact with your instance.

For most instance operators that includes the base domain like and the www domain like Sometimes website and media files are served from a Content Delivery Network like If there are 3rd party websites and APIs in the mix, it can be good to monitor them as well.

OK, if I have a website and it has a few subdomains and there are some services that I use behind the scenes, will that cost a fortune? No. The basic (free) account has you covered. If you don't need more than basic email notifications and have fewer than 100 endpoints to monitor, you don't have to pay anything.

Have experience with this? Yes! We're a huge fan of activity pub and use Mastodon ourselves.

Have questions? Talk to us or learn more about SSL Hound in the help and support center.