About SSL Hound

SSL Hound came from necessity. I was working for a company that had hundreds of domains and dozens of SSL certificates. After having a few too many fire drills, and more close calls than I'd like to admit to, I started to look for a solution to my problem. As fate would have it, there wasn't anything that met my needs:

  • Notifications for when an endpoint (domain and port) have a certificate that is going to expire soon.

  • A way to quickly see any problems across all of my domains.

  • Notifications for when an endpoint was improperly configured.

  • A view of detailed certificate information.

There are a few services out there that check some of the boxes, but they are bundled with a larger monitoring package. They aren't cheap either. After writing a lot of code, experimenting with different user interfaces, and a whole lot of testing, www.sslhound.com was born.

And who am I? Nick Gerakines, a software engineer in Ohio, USA. I've been writing code professionally for over 10 years. I've written a few books and have a passion for DevOps.

Have questions? Talk to us or learn more about SSL Hound in the help and support center.